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We nurture your child to be: Curious | Collaborative | Confident | Empathetic | Independent

Your search for the best Daycare school in Haryana ends at Greenfield where we are very proud to be your parenting partner. A scientific curriculum, ideal adult-to-child ratio, and therefore individualized attention are just a few of the traits that make Green Field Pearl International Public School a top school in Haryana and across the country. Our daycare program is designed to ensure that we provide a safe and nurturing environment for the child. With age-appropriate activities, qualified caregivers, and live CCTV coverage you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands at the best daycare in Haryana. Greenfield, Haryana is not just any child care centre or creache but a foster home away from home for your child.

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Our Benefits:-

Nurtured to become self-motivated and self-driven
The students of our school are groomed with a global perspective and imbibed with a critical thinking approach rather than rote methods.
Individualised attention in classes
The student-teacher ratio system has been standardised in such a way that teachers can give individual attention to each child. On average, In the pre-primary section, the teacher students ratio is 1:15. In the primary section, the teacher students ratio is 1:20. It helps in developing the concepts of each subject within each student.
Safety First @GreenFields
With comprehensive safety measures and protocols and an expertly designed curriculum, we encourage children to strengthen their foundations and prepare them, to create and imagine for the world of tomorrow.
Parental involvement
We are built around open communication between parents and the administration, and it prioritises the involvement of parents in the community.
Dedicated teachers
Good teachers have the skills to know how to get the best out of every young child. They inspire our youth for lifelong learning and create a culture of independent inquiry with their enthusiasm and passion.
A wide range of extracurricular activities
One of the primary ways by which schools focus on nurturing and developing a child’s creativity and imagination is by focusing on extra-curricular activities.

About us:

At Greenfield, “We Teach the Way the Child Wants to Learn”

Our Philosophy:

Happy Children and Happy Parents
Greenfield is a school that has focused on futuristic skills that will always be relevant to children. We provide an opportunity for your children to develop their logical reasoning skills to identify problems and generate possible solutions, decision-making. Learning in Greenfield is integrated and interdisciplinary, with an emphasis on developing mental abilities and attitudes.

Our Goal / Mission

In order to achieve the best education standards in the school, we have struck a balance between Eastern culture and Western competitive standards which will create a winning generation for the 21st century. Our children will grow up to be friendly, caring, sharing and bright individuals.

Our Vision

We look to the children of today as symbols of tomorrow’s leadership. We have hit a milestone in our departure from teacher-led to child-centred. Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style and helps them discover their creative and aesthetic potential.