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The Greenfield Daycare program includes preschool and post nap time, meals, and evening activities. Learning is a dynamic process that occurs throughout the day, thus the child needs to be engaged in meaningful, playful, and joyful learning experiences.....


At this stage the child needs to develop and prepare for everything that is to be found in school, following a normal routine, communicating in a large group, paying attention for long periods of time, eating alone, ....

After School

The Greenfields After School program provides opportunities for children to explore and learn new skills after their school time. In our endeavour to ensure that children develop knowledge and skills, our after-school program o....


Journey for a mile starts with a single step and this step was initiated in 1998 by SBD Group of Institutions in the form of Pearlschool Public School- A Tiny but solid foundation to impart quality education. True education is teaching of both head and heart. Here at Pearlschool every possible effort is made to make education effective by imparting knowledge, developing skills, inculcating proper interests and values.


“An Educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it only teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life”

Founded by Seth Banarsi Dass Charitable Society (Regd.). 

Principal Message

Welcome to Green field Public School (Pearl), Kurukshetra 

I am really honoured and feel very privileged to function as the Principal of Green Field Public School (Pearl), Kurukshetra. Let me take this opportunity to thank the Management, Banarsi Dass Group for giving me the opportunity to serve the community here in Sector-13, Kurukshetra…

Our Benefits

  • Nurtured to become self-motivated and self-driven

    The students of our school are groomed with a global perspective and imbibed with a critical thinking approach rather than rote methods.

  • Our dedicated teachers

    Our dedicated teachers are a major factor in the success of our schools. Teachers are drawn to the Greenfields Pearl School family because of our strong model that emphasizes project-based learning, arts and technology, and a supportive environment in which everyone helps students reach their goals.

  • Safety First @GreenField

    With comprehensive safety measures and protocols as well as an expertly designed curriculum, we encourage children to strengthen their foundations and prepare them, to create and imagine for the world of tomorrow.

  • Parental involvement

    We have built around open communication between parents and the administration, and it stimulates the involvement of parents in the community.


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Please feel free to get in touch with us. We encourage you to visit the school at Green Field Pearl International Public School

Our Team: Dedicated & Inspiring Staff

Our school is the centre of inspired learning, with a dedicated and experienced staff that exceeds all expectations to inspire students to strive for success and high achievement. At Green Field Pearl International Public School we prepare children to be active and productive participants in the global community by providing a truly global learning experience. At the core of what makes us special is our highly experienced teachers. Our staff is dedicated to inspiring students to become better learners

All the staff in our school are well trained to a high standard. As a dedicated and caring team, our staff is involved in extracurricular activities and out-of-school events. Our teacher’s design and presents lessons according to the learning pattern of each student. Allowing students to develop a wide range of learning styles, we personalise education to each child so that they understand their specific goals.

Mrs.Deepshikha Beniwal
Ms. Sakshi Goel
B. Pharmacy, NTT, B.ed
Ms. Richa
B.A(Eng Hon),B.ed,M.A(Eng.Pursuing)
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(Winter) 8:40A.M to 2:20PM (Summer) 7:50A.M to 1:50P.M
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